Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

On the Border

Africans are coming! Africans are coming!

My friends, we shall shortly find ourselves at an historic moment in world history. Many of us already knew it was on the way and have been preparing for it for decades; others are only as yet awakening. The final confirmation that we are about to face this turmoil has come from an unusual source, however....

Phaedrus is not your typical TV viewer. As I observed once before on World Peace, television kills. It rots your brain as well as your body and your soul. But this blogger permits himself very limited exposure to the Joo Toob for certain very specific research purposes. It may have come to your recent attention that an event popularly known as the "Football World Cup" (that's soccer to you and me) has just been enacted on the green playing fields of the formerly great nation of South Africa. The mainstream NWO newsmedia have - not surprisingly - gone into a frenzy of blandishments over the country's hosting of this high profile tournament. They have showered the so-called "Rainbow Nation" (yeah, right) with compliments over its organization of what is undeniably one of the world's top sporting competitions.

CNN (Cable Newworldorder Network) - a long time conspicuous champion of the dark doings of the dark continent - went into virtual meltdown eulogizing every single aspect of the host nation's handling of this multinational event. Even before the competition was ever announced, the good folks at your favorite New World Order broadcasting station were rabidly keen to grasp every available opportunity to raise the profile of this hopeless basket-case nation of AIDS-ridden rapists and robbers and to try to portray its wretched, sickened, welfare-dependent black populus as every bit as worthy of a place in the world as you and I. Like as if some sort of revolutionary progress was being made there in countless laudable fields of endeavor! It became something of a joke within the Phaedrus household to take a stopwatch and see how long it took from turning on CNN to the very first mention of the word, "Africa" within whatever context. Mostly the word arose on the lips of CNN anchors within 90 seconds at most! And this is like at any hour of the day or night. On a handful of occasions my daughter would hit the switch and "Africa" was the very first word we heard!! How we laughed!!!!!!

Sometimes this fanatical focus on the Basket-Case Continent would be topical, as within CNN's comically crappy "African Voices" series; at other times it would feature in advertisments enticing investors to kiss their hard-earned goodbye with ropey - yet curiously somehow "respectable" - Nigerian banks; at other times still, in the hourly news bulletins where of course South African crime (bizarrely) seldom featured. But the word was being repeated incesently, over and over again, 24/7. Additionally, advertisement breaks would commence and finish with the slogan "Celebrate Africa's Humanity" to the accompaniment of some incipidly annoying jingle. There would also be the disturbingly frequent repetion of CNN's very own slogan, "Go Beyond Borders". The big question, in this blogger's mind, of course was, "WTF.....?????"

Clearly the only feasible purpose behind this relentless campaign to promote the Basket-Case-Continent in the eyes of the West is to prep us up for something. And it has to be something BIG for such a vast amount of time, money and effort to be poured into it. Realistically, it can only be MASS migration of Africans from Africa to the US and Europe - which will surely follow when the European Union, The African Union and the North American Union become a single entity. There can be no other explanation, dear friends. There really isn't any other feasible purpose. The NWO, through its mouthpieces like CNN and the BBC and all the Jewish-controlled newspapers and broadcasters, is ferociously engaged in creating in our minds the belief that Africans are every bit as valuable as contributors to building a better world as any other immigrants from less unfortunate lands. Indeed, they would have us believe, we could even learn a thing or two from these outstandingly-talented newcomers! We might well benefit, in fact, from adopting their culture and ways!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN like the British equivalent network, BBC World, go out globally 24/7 and are seen in more places than you and I are ever likely to visit in several lifetimes. The messages repeated unendingly in CNN's programming will likely not be missed by those whose ears they fall upon. Consider the meaning of the CNN slogan, "Go Beyond Borders". These words have a different meaning to you and I to that which they have to your typical Africoid. Your typical Africoid will interpret these words as an exhortation to migrate; nothing more or less. I swear if these NWO bastards could somehow engineer a natural causeway between their precious Africa and the continental United States they would seize the opportunity to do so in a split second. In any case, it is clear that Africans, en masse, are coming to a place near you very soon. And in due course they'll outnumber you. They'll be generally harmless at first, but as the sense of entitlement and equality they've been brainwashed into believing by the Jews produces no practical results for them, they'll turn increasingly ugly towards their hosts.

The initially slow destruction of our cultural history and the wish on the part of the elites to crush it out of human memory is accelerating. It was once an insideous process and it began tentatively many years ago. Lately, however, it's sped up and become a juggernaut. There have been warnings from disparate sources which have been around for decades. Some of us were foolish enough to ignore or simply miss their significance at the time but we can afford the idle luxuries of ignorance and sloth no longer. There's a good example for you set out below. The words form part of an old song by the English singer-songwriter, Al Stewart. His most well-known record which you may remember was the 1977 hit, Year of the Cat. Stewart's lyrics are noteworthy for their exquisite phraseology; a masterfully rich writing style which would never find acceptance in today's music scene where everything produced has to be a bit dumb so as not to embarrassingly expose the chasm of intellectual ability between the European on the one hand and the African on the other. Study these lyrics carefully, friends. They are truer today than when they were penned over three decades ago. Forget about Spain; just substitute any border you like. These words echo themes that this blogger has covered before in previous essays concerning how our ruination has come about due to small, incremental changes over long periods of time. If the words from this song are not a prophesy and a warning from the past to the future, then what is?

On the Border by Al Stewart

The fishing boats go out across the evening water
Smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border
The wind whips up the waves so loud
The ghost moon sails among the clouds
Turns the rifles into silver on the border

On my wall the colors of the maps are running
From Africa the winds they talk of changes coming
The torches flare up in the night
The hand that sets the farms alight
Has spread the word to those who're waiting on the border

In the village where I grew up
Nothing seems the same
Still you never see the change from day to day
No one notices the customs slip away

Late last night the rain was knocking at my window
I moved across the darkened room and in the lampglow
I thought I saw down in the street
The spirit of the century
Telling us that we're all standing on the border

In the islands where I grew up
Nothing seems the same
It's just the patterns that remain
An empty shell
There's a strangeness in the air you feel too well

The fishing boats go out across the evening water
Smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border
The wind whips up the waves so loud
The ghost moon sails among the clouds
Turns the rifles into silver on the border

On the border
On the border
On the border

Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

A Vision of the Future?

Let me tell you how it may or may not be....

If people don't wake up en masse pretty darn quick, then those toxic salami slices Phaedrus spoke about on World Peace are going to start getting thicker still:

1. The moves towards "equality" over the last half-century has only ever been a long-term Jewish plot to eradicate Old Whitey. Hitler warned us about its existence and the path of its progression over 80 years ago when he wrote Mein Kampf. In the process of this eradication, the world population will be progressively engineered towards a much lower average IQ than has hitherto been the case in our entire history.

2. Once Old Whitey has been progressively marginalized into a vulnerable minority it will be a simple matter to step up the tempo and virtually wipe us out - with the sole exception of those few, key whites who had previously accepted the Jews' 30 pieces of silver and sold out to them. At this time, there will be no races around with the brains and/or desire to fight against the next step, which will be...

3. Enslavement. As prophesied to the Jews in their so-called Holy Book, the Talmud, each Jew will have 2,700 moronic, dusky-colored slaves to do their bidding. All those Gentiles who are surplus to requirements on whatever grounds will be eliminated. This will result in what will be by far the largest genocide ever in the entire history of planet Earth.

4. Jewish paranoia and the absence of any credible external threat will cause the Chosen Ones to look suspiciously and fearfully upon those few remaining whites they once appeared so close to; those whites who sold themselves out to the Agenda and turned race traitors against their fellow whites will find themselves the unfortunate subject of feverish Jewish plotting.

5. It will inevitably become necessary for the Jews to destroy all the remaining race-traitor Gentiles. Their demise will be a swift one. None among them will be spared. As it is written in the Talmud, "Even the best among the Heathens is deserving of Death." The Jews will proceed to enact this measure for two reasons: firstly, the Talmud says it's fine, and secondly, it will alleviate their innate anxiety and paranoia.

6. Now there will only remain Jews and their docile and mentally-retarded half-breed slaves. As Hitler noted trenchantly so many decades ago:

"....as soon as the common foe is conquered and the danger which threatened the individual Jews is overcome and the prey secured, then the apparent harmony disappears and the original conditions set in again. Jews act in concord only when a common danger threatens them or a common prey attracts them. Where these two motives no longer exist then the most brutal egotism appears and these people who before had lived together in unity will turn into a swarm of rats that bitterly fight against each other."

The end result of this will be all the 'inferior Jews' will now become marginalized and allowed - if not overtly encouraged - to die out. Only the Jewish elite and their Rabbis will survive, together with their slave underclass. The unity and solidarity the remaining Jews formerly enjoyed will be gone forever. Under this scenario, they will inherit the Earth, but the carnage occasioned in this accomplishment will indeed be Biblical in its scale.

But then, if this blogger believed the Jews would ever see the prophesies the Talmud sets out for them come to fruition and that the future (as written by the Jews - who else?) is set in stone, he wouldn't be sitting here blogging away and making a small but nevertheless significant contribution towards derailing their infernal plans for world domination!

The Greek Debt Crisis

This debacle over Greece's membership of the Euro currency bloc is deserving of a quick mention. On the 2nd of May, the Greek government announced it had struck a deal with the IMF and the European Central Bank on a financial aid package worth around one hundred billion US dollars. The Greek government, by entering into this arrangement, have sold the people they were engaged to represent, into perpetual debt slavery. The ordinary people of Greece simply have no future worth living if they knuckle under and meekly accept this unashamed piece of criminality as a done deal.

Fortunately, from what I have seen so far, it would appear that the Greek people are rather smarter than their government would like to believe. They need to recognize, as I am sure they do, that they are utterly finished if they cooperate and go along with this plan. Phaedrus ain't no rabble rouser, so Leftie-style solutions don't spring readily from this blogger's keyboard. Nevertheless, this situation transcends normal party politics. We should all feel a sense of empathy towards a civilized people being destroyed, as we ourselves are, by the craven, insatiable greed of Jewish financiers.

The people of Greece, if they bow down before their masters on this issue, are about to be right-royally raped by them for decades to come. They will exist in a state of poverty, squalor and despair and their children can aspire merely to be beggars. The only hope for Greece is for its people to act swiftly in solidarity and hold a prolonged series of National Strikes until their filthy rotten, corrupt government (which is in league with the Internationalist bankers) is brought down and the IMF is told to shove its stolen loot where the sun don't shine. The Greeks will manage just fine if they do this. There was at one time a fine, interest-free concept known as barter before the Jews invented their "funny money" and used it to reduce us all to penury.

Free Speech and Google

I note that Google have, thus far, not taken down this blog or its illustrious forerunner, World Peace. That would be a plus point for them, all other things being equal, but things are far from equal. Some people, most frequently the Jews and their Communist cronies, have accused this blogger of 'hate speech' - this has become the inevitable cry from the enemies of freedom when they want to prevent someone from simply stating uncomfortable facts. This blogger has only ever campaigned against unjust and illegal wars and the Jews' dominant role therein - yet these reptiles brand me a hate-monger. It just shows how twisted the world they have fashioned has become.

Anyway, sadly it looks as if these enemies of Truth have once again at least partially gotten their way, because I quickly established that Google is up to its old tricks and censoring search results for this blogspot, just as they did with World Peace (interestingly, just at the point where I called for a nationwide tax boycott bandwagon). So here too, those who seek a little enlightenment on the extent of the influence of the Jews in our lives will find their curiosity goes unsatisfied. If you didn't already know the type of material posted here and what the URL for it is, you would never be able to find it, and Google could quite frankly care less.

It could be argued that whilst people have a Constitutional right to free speech enshrined in law, there is no complimentary right to be heard. At first sight, this point of view is understandable. But on deeper examination it is such a restrictive interpretation of the law that it effectively annuls that precious right to free speech in the first place. The other aspect of this matter is that it is inherently unfair, because the spectrum of 'permissible opinion' - which should be free and unfettered - is being artificially constrained. I don't see any Marxist-orientated, pro-NWO bloggers having their articles suppressed in Google search results. Curious, that.

Bloggers like Phaedrus, who hold views which are currently unfashionable (yes, that's all they are in reality and times can and do change) find ourselves effectively gagged. We cannot reach a wider audience with our 'unacceptable views' essentially because they're currently unfashionable. On the other hand, if you want to heartily praise the virtues of Marxism, globalization and multiculturalism, for example, then go right ahead! Google will ensure that your views are swiftly propagated to the four corners of the planet. Kinda stinks, doesn't it?

Christianity? Let's Trash It!

Phaedrus isn't some evangelical, Bible-thumping nut, but it strikes this blogger, who has no particular religious axe to grind, that the NWO and their Jewish cohorts have done a remarkably effective job in smearing very many perfectly decent Christians as suffering from some kind of mental illness or personality disorder. These 'opinion-formers' have utilized their media control to successfully create a link in the public mind between those who expound and proclaim Christian beliefs on the one hand and the mentally ill on the other.

Why on earth would they wish to do such a thing? Well, it doesn't require a doctorate in rocket science to figure out the reasons. The Jews' bete noire - a certain Jesus of Nazareth no less - famously eschewed greed and the pursuit of material excess. His message is one that is diametrically opposite to that of the Jews - whose interests of course require slavish adherence to earthly goals and the total abandonment of moral and spiritual values.

An interesting example in this respect is one Cliff Richard. Richard was a star of the popular music scene in Britain and has enjoyed a successful run of hits for over 40 years since he began recording in 1958. He has even charted fleetingly here in the US during the 1970s. Most of his later work (which has proved to be every bit as popular as his earlier efforts) has contained blatant, unashamed, overt Christian references. Surprisingly, given the Godless times in which we live, these songs have sold incredibly well and yielded yet more chart-toppers.

This success proved to be more than our foreskinner friends could stand, So what did the grubby little malcontents do by way of response? Astonishingly, they had the audacity to pressure the UK's leading broadcaster, the BBC (which is itself crawling with Jews) to boycott Richard's songs! The BBC, in spite of the reaction from shocked viewers and listeners who angrily denounced the proposal, nonetheless agreed to implement it! The upshot is that for many years now, Richard's melodic, wholesome and peaceful songs no longer make the playlists of Britain's dominant broadcaster.

This is a curious state of affairs indeed. But what makes it all the more curious is that so called "urban music" with its endless stream of profanities and exhortations to kill, rape and rob others; its glorification of violence, drugs, ostentatiousness and promiscuity, continues to enjoy unimpeded delivery to the ears of the country's children. Could there be any clearer evidence that Satan is in control? And not just in Britain, but here in America and right around the world, Evil is prevailing whilst good men and women shrink from speaking out. Phaedrus asks: how long can this invidious situation be permitted to continue?

An object lesson in controlling the masses: the UK elections.

The political landscape in the UK was, until very recently, a two-horse race. There were the Conservatives and the Labor Party. Broadly speaking one can translate them for our purposes here in the US into the Republicans and the Democrats respectively. But all that changed just a few weeks ago.

There was always a third party in UK politics hovering in the background. They used to call themselves the Liberals. Now they call themselves the Liberal Democrats, but the name is immaterial. They provided a third option that was never taken up by the great British electorate. But as stated above, times have changed.

British voters have become so disengaged from the two, larger mainstream parties that they have run for cover to this smaller third party - which is presumably what they were there for all along: to mop up disillusioned voters who would otherwise seek solutions from more radical parties outside the control of the NWO.

[this 3rd party with its dangerously plausible leader offer zero possibility of real change - the REAL change that so many British voters, like so many of us, are crying out for. They are basically just now fulfilling their long-term role of hoovering-up gullible, disenfranshized people who have lost faith with the cravenly corrupt mainstream parties.

For the first time ever in Britain, there was a US-style leaders' TV debate before the election. But it comes as no surprise that there were only these three parties' leaders invited. There are more than just three political parties in the UK but for some reason that doesn't require a lot of thought, only these three were represented. This is politics.

As I observed before on World Peace, the spectrum of "permissible political opinion" has been shifted progressively leftwards. It's as if today there simply isn't any viewpoint at all from the right. Even moderate right-wing ideology has been successfully abolished in Britain. There's just a gaping hole where it once stood.

A few months before this latest UK General Election, the leader of one of the UK's "far right" parties did manage to get himself some exposure, however - and on the BBC of all places. It was intended by the Marxists at the BBC to be a hatchet job. The show's audience was packed with immigrants, Homosexuals, Communists and trade-unionists.

As expected, this guest (one Nick Griffin of the British National Party) was savaged by this hostile live audience. By the end of the show, the BBC must have been patting themselves on the back for a job well done. All had gone to plan. But they were in for a shock. The trick had backfired on them very badly.

The TV viewers of the show in their homes were not as partial as the hand-picked TV audience. They could see what was going on and were not fooled by it. There was a sympathetic reaction among ordinary people for this cruel stunt the BBC had pulled. Nick Griffin's BNP went from nowhere in the polls to 22% overnight!

This caused huge consternation in the mainstream media and a firestorm of blame raged for weeks afterwards. When the dust finally settled, the MSM had learned a valuable lesson: it's infinitely better to pretend the opposition simply doesn't exist than to try to tackle it head-on with open and honest debate.

So the lesson was learned. In the week before the election itself, the TV leaders' debate was a carefully stage-managed event where only the fully-accredited, NWO-approved parties were given a platform to speak. All others were denied a voice. The powers that be can't risk the people being fully-informed. Truth for them is now recognized as an unconquerable foe.

Old People Don't Count

Well, actually, anyone over 25 doesn't really count. That would seem to be the age at which we expire and become nothing more than a whining nuisance to society, so far as the New World Order and its proponents are concerned.

The reasoning is pretty clear. The NWO demands change - sweeping change - and fast. The faster the better. The likes of the Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers are impatient. They need to see their infernal baby born with the absolute minimum of further delay.

Old people are resistant to change. They are by nature conservative, and Conservatives are not keen to embrace new ideas - particularly when such new ideas are poisonous to the common good. Hence the tendency, especially here in the West, to marginalize and ignore the elderly.

All this is, of course, the ideology of Trotsky. Trotsky the little Jewish agitator, unlike some of his contemporaries, was keen to export Communism beyond the boundaries of the country of its practical inception. He came to a sticky end in Mexico for his efforts. It is regrettable that he was not disposed of before his poisonous, trouble-making ideology was propagated, however.

This blogger doesn't advocate violent solutions if they can possibly be avoided. The aim of Phaedrus has always been to seek peaceful answers where such are practicable. But if you happen to be reading this and choose to bury an ice-pick in the skull of some grubby little Jewish Communist trouble-maker in the manner that befell Trotsky, then this blogger at least would find it in his heart to forgive you.