Mittwoch, 24. März 2010

Armageddon Here We Come

Time has moved on. We are as yet little way into 2010 and things are moving on a pace. It is evident that the powers that be have been forced to bring forward the timetable of their vile Agenda. When I last succeeded, against all the obstacles Google could throw at me, in getting an article published, the entity known as the European Union had some 27 member states. Now, since the beginning of this year, there are suddenly 26 fewer countries in Europe. Their individual sovereignty survives no longer. That is just one example of the way the world has changed for the worse in such a short time. We are hurtling towards the New World Order at an ever more frantic pace. This year and the next will see great upheavels both in the US and Europe. We have been in the eye of the hurricane now for some time; propped up by huge borrowing and massive monetary easing. But the drug supply is running out and we will shortly be going cold turkey. It ain't going to be pretty. Phaedrus has never been particularly religious, but it really is beginning to look increasingly like Armageddon is just around the corner. I read someplace that the Mayan calender ends on December 12th 2012 and that a lot of folks feel this will herald the end of the world. My own suspicion is that it might just as well be. This prophet reckons that'll be the date they finally and formally announce the inception of the New World Order. Will there be a December 22nd 2012? Or will it be New Years Day in the Year Zero? This blogger has his suspicions, but only time will tell. And a very interesting time it will prove to be.

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