Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

Christianity? Let's Trash It!

Phaedrus isn't some evangelical, Bible-thumping nut, but it strikes this blogger, who has no particular religious axe to grind, that the NWO and their Jewish cohorts have done a remarkably effective job in smearing very many perfectly decent Christians as suffering from some kind of mental illness or personality disorder. These 'opinion-formers' have utilized their media control to successfully create a link in the public mind between those who expound and proclaim Christian beliefs on the one hand and the mentally ill on the other.

Why on earth would they wish to do such a thing? Well, it doesn't require a doctorate in rocket science to figure out the reasons. The Jews' bete noire - a certain Jesus of Nazareth no less - famously eschewed greed and the pursuit of material excess. His message is one that is diametrically opposite to that of the Jews - whose interests of course require slavish adherence to earthly goals and the total abandonment of moral and spiritual values.

An interesting example in this respect is one Cliff Richard. Richard was a star of the popular music scene in Britain and has enjoyed a successful run of hits for over 40 years since he began recording in 1958. He has even charted fleetingly here in the US during the 1970s. Most of his later work (which has proved to be every bit as popular as his earlier efforts) has contained blatant, unashamed, overt Christian references. Surprisingly, given the Godless times in which we live, these songs have sold incredibly well and yielded yet more chart-toppers.

This success proved to be more than our foreskinner friends could stand, So what did the grubby little malcontents do by way of response? Astonishingly, they had the audacity to pressure the UK's leading broadcaster, the BBC (which is itself crawling with Jews) to boycott Richard's songs! The BBC, in spite of the reaction from shocked viewers and listeners who angrily denounced the proposal, nonetheless agreed to implement it! The upshot is that for many years now, Richard's melodic, wholesome and peaceful songs no longer make the playlists of Britain's dominant broadcaster.

This is a curious state of affairs indeed. But what makes it all the more curious is that so called "urban music" with its endless stream of profanities and exhortations to kill, rape and rob others; its glorification of violence, drugs, ostentatiousness and promiscuity, continues to enjoy unimpeded delivery to the ears of the country's children. Could there be any clearer evidence that Satan is in control? And not just in Britain, but here in America and right around the world, Evil is prevailing whilst good men and women shrink from speaking out. Phaedrus asks: how long can this invidious situation be permitted to continue?

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