Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

An object lesson in controlling the masses: the UK elections.

The political landscape in the UK was, until very recently, a two-horse race. There were the Conservatives and the Labor Party. Broadly speaking one can translate them for our purposes here in the US into the Republicans and the Democrats respectively. But all that changed just a few weeks ago.

There was always a third party in UK politics hovering in the background. They used to call themselves the Liberals. Now they call themselves the Liberal Democrats, but the name is immaterial. They provided a third option that was never taken up by the great British electorate. But as stated above, times have changed.

British voters have become so disengaged from the two, larger mainstream parties that they have run for cover to this smaller third party - which is presumably what they were there for all along: to mop up disillusioned voters who would otherwise seek solutions from more radical parties outside the control of the NWO.

[this 3rd party with its dangerously plausible leader offer zero possibility of real change - the REAL change that so many British voters, like so many of us, are crying out for. They are basically just now fulfilling their long-term role of hoovering-up gullible, disenfranshized people who have lost faith with the cravenly corrupt mainstream parties.

For the first time ever in Britain, there was a US-style leaders' TV debate before the election. But it comes as no surprise that there were only these three parties' leaders invited. There are more than just three political parties in the UK but for some reason that doesn't require a lot of thought, only these three were represented. This is politics.

As I observed before on World Peace, the spectrum of "permissible political opinion" has been shifted progressively leftwards. It's as if today there simply isn't any viewpoint at all from the right. Even moderate right-wing ideology has been successfully abolished in Britain. There's just a gaping hole where it once stood.

A few months before this latest UK General Election, the leader of one of the UK's "far right" parties did manage to get himself some exposure, however - and on the BBC of all places. It was intended by the Marxists at the BBC to be a hatchet job. The show's audience was packed with immigrants, Homosexuals, Communists and trade-unionists.

As expected, this guest (one Nick Griffin of the British National Party) was savaged by this hostile live audience. By the end of the show, the BBC must have been patting themselves on the back for a job well done. All had gone to plan. But they were in for a shock. The trick had backfired on them very badly.

The TV viewers of the show in their homes were not as partial as the hand-picked TV audience. They could see what was going on and were not fooled by it. There was a sympathetic reaction among ordinary people for this cruel stunt the BBC had pulled. Nick Griffin's BNP went from nowhere in the polls to 22% overnight!

This caused huge consternation in the mainstream media and a firestorm of blame raged for weeks afterwards. When the dust finally settled, the MSM had learned a valuable lesson: it's infinitely better to pretend the opposition simply doesn't exist than to try to tackle it head-on with open and honest debate.

So the lesson was learned. In the week before the election itself, the TV leaders' debate was a carefully stage-managed event where only the fully-accredited, NWO-approved parties were given a platform to speak. All others were denied a voice. The powers that be can't risk the people being fully-informed. Truth for them is now recognized as an unconquerable foe.

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