Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

Headlong into the abyss

In a previous essay, Phaedrus illustrated our decline as a society from proud, independent innovators, creators and producers to decadent, welfare-sucking idlers by means of comparing this process to the progressive slicing-up of a salami sausage. We saw how the incremental implementation of very many small steps over very many years could result in our grudging acceptance of something so utterly vile that, had it been imposed in its entirety in a single step, would have resulted in instant, boiling mad, bloody revolution and the swift destruction of the audacious rogues responsible for it.

Today more than ever, we live in a world which our forefathers could never have conceived of. It is verging on the most dreadful dystopia imaginable - and growing sicker still at an ever increasing rate. The salami is being sliced more thickly now than at any previous time. It's becoming increasingly harder not to choke on it. Presumably the Internet is the reason for this. Those who govern us have been forced to speed up the timeline for the roll-out of their Agenda as awareness of their nefarious activities continues to propagate at near-light speed via the new electronic media. Their stunts are becoming ever more transparent as the pressure to rush new initiatives through in haste increases.

Our founding fathers knew all about tyranny. They themselves fled it yet later had no choice but to stand up and fight against it. They sent the British packing, then set down to draft the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which they tried their very best to make future-proof. The fact that much of these principles survive to this day is testament to the care they took and the forces of evil they foresaw which would threaten it and the young country's future citizens. Notwithstanding this sterling and vital effort, however, our rights have been constantly under attack almost from the point the ink dried on these noble documents.

The mechanism the Jews adopted to attack these precious rights and freedoms has been based in large part on very many tiny incremental changes, the consequences of which only become fully apparent very, very much later. As you would expect from a race like the Jews, this process is an insidious one and barely discernable to the average American. Due to this, it has proved stunningly successful (for the elites) and brought decent people everywhere into dejection, apathy, loss of hope and a dangerous sense of inevitability concerning our collective slide into this gaping cultural and moral abyss which we have seen yawning ever wider before us since the end of WW2.

Jefferson warned us that the price of Liberty was eternal vigilance. I believe this is what he really meant by those famous words: watching out for small, seemingly innocuous changes which individually may not appear to amount to much at all. The real challenge facing us if we are ever to cast off this Evil that encircles us and reclaim our freedom is how to safeguard it in perpetuity so it can never again be successfully undermined. The cycle of decline begins whenever the very first chink is made in the armor of such protective laws which confer upon us our due rights and freedoms. The single most effective measure we can take to prevent this is to ensure no Jew is ever again permitted to influence public policy - either directly or by proxy, in any way, both today - and for all time to come. A true "government by the people for the people" must be founded in accordance with the principles this blogger set out at the commencement of this new blog.

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