Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

Full-on, In-Your-Face International Corporate Communism - whether you like it or not

The Insidious creep towards Internationalism takes care to creep no more. The headlong rush towards the acknowledgment and acceptance of the concept of a Global Family and our supposed "responsibilities" toward strangers abroad, no matter how feckless, obnoxious and willfully self-destructive they may be, is now no longer a matter for philosophical conjecture, but taken as so self-evident that it is totally beyond question.

This is Trotskyism in its purest form: borderless, international Communism. Phaedrus, along with very many like minded fellows, believes however, that charity begins at home. If someone wants to give money to Haiti or Africa (a generous proportion of which will no doubt mysteriously find its way into the coffers of Jewi$h charities) then they should of course be allowed to indulge their misguided stupidity freely. This blogger for one, however, refuses to be manipulated and conned by MSM pleas for aid to such hopeless causes.

One would be better advised to cut out the Jewi$h middleman and the Africoidal tyrant, and simply flush the cash down the can. A better solution for the less gullible among us, however, is to donate instead directly to causes closer to home: disabled veterans, sick animals, a neighbor's cancer operation or whatever else takes your fancy. ANYWHERE, in short, where you can be 100% sure that your hard-earned cash wont get squandered or diverted and wind up in the back pocket of some scheming Jew. By all means give direct to worthy people in need. Please do NOT give a single penny piece to anyone via any "charitable agency" or other "helpful" middleman entity.

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