Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

Coming soon to a ghetto near you: the Climate Refugees

Diligent research by public-spirited individuals has strongly suggested that the concept of global warming or "climate change" if you prefer, is essentially a complete fabrication. Broadly, the researchers claim something along the lines of the following:-

Climate change is a natural process which occurs anyway

Climate change is not man-made

The earth is in fact cooling rather than heating up

Why, we should ask ourselves, if these claims are true, would our governments want to mislead us with false evidence to the contrary? The obvious answer, and the one that most people have quickly pointed to, is that it is a ruse to squeeze whatever further taxes out of us they can. In other words, their prime motive is simply greed.

Phaedrus takes no position on the evidence for or against climate change. There was once a time, I admit, before I was in full possession of the facts, that I believed that global warming was for real and that there was no stopping it. The process had in fact reached a tipping point from which a self reinforcing spiral would inevitably lead to further and further warming no matter how much we cut our "greenhouse gas" emissions. I have, since that time, and upon reading the evidence submitted by the so-called "deniers", changed my view to one of being a climate change skeptic. But I am not a scientist and never will be. My views on the science are worthless. However, I have come up with a rather more imaginative motivation on the part of the world's governments than that of pure greed alone.

No one with a shred of common sense can have failed to notice that the Agenda being pursued by the New World Order calls for promoting population churning or "demographic aggregation." We have been witnessing this ugly phenomenon proceeding at an ever increasing pace since the end of World War II. It results in the juxtaposition of ethnically and culturally incompatible peoples who often and quite understandably find it deeply disagreeable to have to live cheek by jowl with one another. Others, of the Marxist or wooly-headed Liberal persuasion, on the other hand, embrace this process with much enthusiasm. And if those whites who embrace it should themselves interbreed with these foreign races, as the NWOers are keen as hell for them to do, then so much the better. For the powers that be, the pace of this phenomenon can never be fast enough.

It is the requirement to satisfy the foregoing imperative that is, in Phaedrus's opinion, the true ulterior motive behind the climate change/global warming agenda. If our governments can sell us the lie that our selfish western lifestyles are the cause of rising temperatures, deforestation, desertification, floods, storms and droughts in distant countries, then they can easily make us feel personally responsible when such events occur. If the broad mass of people swallow this, they will not only be prepared to stump up higher taxes, they may also feel they have a moral obligation to welcome "climate refugees" fleeing to the West for safe haven from their impoverished countries of origin. We saw some attempt to do this with the Haiti disaster some months back, in fact - and that was an earthquake for which your lifestyle is entirely blameless!

So, Whitey, YOU have a moral obligation to re-home these desperate and hard-done-by people who, thanks to you and your gas-guzzling SUV, now have nowhere else to live. But it has nothing to do with compassion for others and everything to do with demographic aggregation: creating a coffee-colored world population which will be so dumbed down and easily duped that the Jews will have no remaining obstacles in their path to create the Reich of Slavery that the Talmud promises them and for which they have for so long insidiously and guilefully striven.

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