Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

War Without End

That's their on-going aim. Perhaps you may have noticed! In fact you surely cannot have failed to notice! There's nothing they hate more than seeing neighbor living peaceably with neighbor. Most folk think war is all about profits for the Military-Industrial-Complex, but think again. War - endless war - is nothing short of a religion for these Evil people. Those at the top in the White House in particular. They thrive on seeing everyone constantly at one another's throats. They set about instigating ill-feeling where none existed before. And where it did previously exist, it's further inflamed. It's in their nature; they are Evil. For example, they may purport to be southerners - and then they'll insult and rile the northerners. And vice-versa. Then some other time they'll pretend to be English or Australian or German or French and use cloned passports to murder a Hammas official in Dubai, so the English or the Australians or the Germans or the French get the blame for it. It's a neat way of expanding the war against their enemies whilst gutlessly covering their own cowardly asses. This kind of thing has been going on for years. There's never an end to it. They even betrayed the US as well with the infamous HMS Liberty attack. Yet, on those odd occasions when the truth does come out, a massive damage limitation exercise begins and you will rarely hear another word said on the matter. So far as the mainstream Jewsmedia is concerned, these incidents may never even have happened at all, for all the exposure they're given in their press and broadcast outlets. It is clearly a criminal conspiracy within the bastard class of sickos and perverts we commonly mislabel as the 'Elites.'

They will move to ensure that any moves towards reconciliation between old enemies are nipped in the bud. There must ALWAYS be tension abroad in this world. They will ensure that there will always be the contingency of flash points around the globe. There must always be boogymen for us to focus our fear and hatred against. For example, Iran does a surprise deal with Turkey and Brasil over its nuclear material. The deal is broadly welcomed by the "international community" - whatever the hell that is. But the US sits on its hands for a few days whilst the Jews think up our public reaction for us. Eventually, for entirely false and spurious reasons, Washington's increasingly haggard-looking bull-dike Kike-lover announces to an incredulous world that America will press ahead even more forcefully with sanctions against Iran, notwithstanding the latter's compliance with international law. Israel has spoken so it's back to square one for relations between the US and Iran. THESE HATEFUL PEOPLE DO NOT WANT PEACE. They only live for war and spend most of their time dreaming up ways to stir up further costly and pointless conflicts world-wide. Is THAT what we put them in government for? Is THAT what YOU voted for? Probably not - and neither did I.

Those tax dollars of ours that Big Government incinerates on the other side of the world would be a hell of a lot better spent by YOU and ME on our struggling families' needs.

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