Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

Destroying society through the family

This blogger, like many of you, has been confounded and dismayed by the astonishing number of marriage, family and just general relationship breakdowns that occur nowadays. Confounded, that is, until a little Judao-sceptic thinking shed light on this seemingly inexorable plague on our society. The problem in my view lies with the mainstream media and it is our newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations that primarily bear responsibility for this dismal situation. And of course we all know exactly which breed of reptile owns the media...

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to screw up a newly-married couple's future happiness. The first way is the most obvious: you can simply pour poison on them. By this method you can openly assert in strident tones that the marriage is doomed to fail and its participants will never, ever, find happiness. This method may well prove effective. However, sometimes the curser may discover that instead of serving its intended purpose, it galvanizes the participants of the marriage into working harder to ensure that the relationship succeeds, simply in order to prove the curser wrong and out of spite against he or she if you will.

The second of the aforementioned methods, however, is far more deadly, yet it never reflects badly and never embarrasses the ill-wisher. Indeed, the ill-wisher is not only regarded as entirely blameless, but also as a good-hearted soul deserving of sincere thanks!

How can this be? Simply, my friends, via the diametrically-opposite technique. I postulate here that all that is necessary is for the ill-wisher to assure the participants in the relationship that life for them will be a breeze and that they have every right to expect to live happily ever after and enjoy every single moment together. 'All your dreams will come true'...'It's a match made in heaven'....'Every second you spend together should be precious.' And so on.. And so on... And so on.... This pernicious yet invisible form of curse often starts from Day One: the bride must have the "perfect wedding" where she feels she's the most special girl in the world for the day and that it's chocolates, wine and roses ever after. Everything must be the best on the wedding day; everything shiny and perfect; nothing must go wrong.

The spectacular success of this deeply devious, underhanded approach can be seen in the Sunday papers every weekend where celebrity dream-couples' broken romances litter the tabloids over multiple consecutive pages. These A-listers are the first-line victims of this hex, because they live in a bubble where every OTHER aspect of their lives can be readily controlled by their wealth and/or connections. Not so, however, when it comes to their intimate, personal relationships! The Beatles sang that money can't by love and our 'Hollywood royalty' soon find out there's a good deal else it can't buy within relationships, either.

But the foregoing is equally applicable to ordinary folks. Advice columns preach to readers that if they're not enjoying *great, mind-blowing sex* at least 5 times a day, then there's something wrong with their relationship. Plus of course, not only does the wife have to be a great cook in the kitchen, and great housewife with the duster and Hoover, but a tigress in the sack and a successful businesswoman to boot. And the man - he has to be masterful and strong and a successful breadwinner - but he must also have a sensitive side as well. He must be a great dad, a great provider, a great listener, a best friend, a soul name it. So much is expected of both parties, who are each encouraged to believe they can expect so much of each other in return! When such mantras as these are repeatedly broadcast from every Jewish media orifice in existence, who could ever deny their self-evident truth?

Giving newly married couples the idea that married life is simply heaven and should constantly be like living in a wonderful dream is nothing less than a recipe for shattering disappointments and misery and is a guaranteed way to break up the best of matches in very short order. So what does our woeful wife do, when she discovers further down the line that marriage isn't quite what it was cracked up to be? In a mix of despair and disillusionment she writes to a newspaper column "agony aunt" or asks some "guru" on a radio show phone-in. Can you guess the likely ethnicity of the 'advisor'? Or the likely advice she'll get? "Leave him, he obviously doesn't love you." Bet your bottom dollar that'll be what it boils down to! And if there are children involved, so much the better as far as the Jews are concerned. They HATE us and the "family" is just another obstacle to the change they want to see come about: BIG change in the shape of the ruination of decent society and them reigning over the ensuing chaos ever-after.

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