Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

A Vision of the Future?

Let me tell you how it may or may not be....

If people don't wake up en masse pretty darn quick, then those toxic salami slices Phaedrus spoke about on World Peace are going to start getting thicker still:

1. The moves towards "equality" over the last half-century has only ever been a long-term Jewish plot to eradicate Old Whitey. Hitler warned us about its existence and the path of its progression over 80 years ago when he wrote Mein Kampf. In the process of this eradication, the world population will be progressively engineered towards a much lower average IQ than has hitherto been the case in our entire history.

2. Once Old Whitey has been progressively marginalized into a vulnerable minority it will be a simple matter to step up the tempo and virtually wipe us out - with the sole exception of those few, key whites who had previously accepted the Jews' 30 pieces of silver and sold out to them. At this time, there will be no races around with the brains and/or desire to fight against the next step, which will be...

3. Enslavement. As prophesied to the Jews in their so-called Holy Book, the Talmud, each Jew will have 2,700 moronic, dusky-colored slaves to do their bidding. All those Gentiles who are surplus to requirements on whatever grounds will be eliminated. This will result in what will be by far the largest genocide ever in the entire history of planet Earth.

4. Jewish paranoia and the absence of any credible external threat will cause the Chosen Ones to look suspiciously and fearfully upon those few remaining whites they once appeared so close to; those whites who sold themselves out to the Agenda and turned race traitors against their fellow whites will find themselves the unfortunate subject of feverish Jewish plotting.

5. It will inevitably become necessary for the Jews to destroy all the remaining race-traitor Gentiles. Their demise will be a swift one. None among them will be spared. As it is written in the Talmud, "Even the best among the Heathens is deserving of Death." The Jews will proceed to enact this measure for two reasons: firstly, the Talmud says it's fine, and secondly, it will alleviate their innate anxiety and paranoia.

6. Now there will only remain Jews and their docile and mentally-retarded half-breed slaves. As Hitler noted trenchantly so many decades ago:

" soon as the common foe is conquered and the danger which threatened the individual Jews is overcome and the prey secured, then the apparent harmony disappears and the original conditions set in again. Jews act in concord only when a common danger threatens them or a common prey attracts them. Where these two motives no longer exist then the most brutal egotism appears and these people who before had lived together in unity will turn into a swarm of rats that bitterly fight against each other."

The end result of this will be all the 'inferior Jews' will now become marginalized and allowed - if not overtly encouraged - to die out. Only the Jewish elite and their Rabbis will survive, together with their slave underclass. The unity and solidarity the remaining Jews formerly enjoyed will be gone forever. Under this scenario, they will inherit the Earth, but the carnage occasioned in this accomplishment will indeed be Biblical in its scale.

But then, if this blogger believed the Jews would ever see the prophesies the Talmud sets out for them come to fruition and that the future (as written by the Jews - who else?) is set in stone, he wouldn't be sitting here blogging away and making a small but nevertheless significant contribution towards derailing their infernal plans for world domination!

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