Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

The Greek Debt Crisis

This debacle over Greece's membership of the Euro currency bloc is deserving of a quick mention. On the 2nd of May, the Greek government announced it had struck a deal with the IMF and the European Central Bank on a financial aid package worth around one hundred billion US dollars. The Greek government, by entering into this arrangement, have sold the people they were engaged to represent, into perpetual debt slavery. The ordinary people of Greece simply have no future worth living if they knuckle under and meekly accept this unashamed piece of criminality as a done deal.

Fortunately, from what I have seen so far, it would appear that the Greek people are rather smarter than their government would like to believe. They need to recognize, as I am sure they do, that they are utterly finished if they cooperate and go along with this plan. Phaedrus ain't no rabble rouser, so Leftie-style solutions don't spring readily from this blogger's keyboard. Nevertheless, this situation transcends normal party politics. We should all feel a sense of empathy towards a civilized people being destroyed, as we ourselves are, by the craven, insatiable greed of Jewish financiers.

The people of Greece, if they bow down before their masters on this issue, are about to be right-royally raped by them for decades to come. They will exist in a state of poverty, squalor and despair and their children can aspire merely to be beggars. The only hope for Greece is for its people to act swiftly in solidarity and hold a prolonged series of National Strikes until their filthy rotten, corrupt government (which is in league with the Internationalist bankers) is brought down and the IMF is told to shove its stolen loot where the sun don't shine. The Greeks will manage just fine if they do this. There was at one time a fine, interest-free concept known as barter before the Jews invented their "funny money" and used it to reduce us all to penury.

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