Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

Free Speech and Google

I note that Google have, thus far, not taken down this blog or its illustrious forerunner, World Peace. That would be a plus point for them, all other things being equal, but things are far from equal. Some people, most frequently the Jews and their Communist cronies, have accused this blogger of 'hate speech' - this has become the inevitable cry from the enemies of freedom when they want to prevent someone from simply stating uncomfortable facts. This blogger has only ever campaigned against unjust and illegal wars and the Jews' dominant role therein - yet these reptiles brand me a hate-monger. It just shows how twisted the world they have fashioned has become.

Anyway, sadly it looks as if these enemies of Truth have once again at least partially gotten their way, because I quickly established that Google is up to its old tricks and censoring search results for this blogspot, just as they did with World Peace (interestingly, just at the point where I called for a nationwide tax boycott bandwagon). So here too, those who seek a little enlightenment on the extent of the influence of the Jews in our lives will find their curiosity goes unsatisfied. If you didn't already know the type of material posted here and what the URL for it is, you would never be able to find it, and Google could quite frankly care less.

It could be argued that whilst people have a Constitutional right to free speech enshrined in law, there is no complimentary right to be heard. At first sight, this point of view is understandable. But on deeper examination it is such a restrictive interpretation of the law that it effectively annuls that precious right to free speech in the first place. The other aspect of this matter is that it is inherently unfair, because the spectrum of 'permissible opinion' - which should be free and unfettered - is being artificially constrained. I don't see any Marxist-orientated, pro-NWO bloggers having their articles suppressed in Google search results. Curious, that.

Bloggers like Phaedrus, who hold views which are currently unfashionable (yes, that's all they are in reality and times can and do change) find ourselves effectively gagged. We cannot reach a wider audience with our 'unacceptable views' essentially because they're currently unfashionable. On the other hand, if you want to heartily praise the virtues of Marxism, globalization and multiculturalism, for example, then go right ahead! Google will ensure that your views are swiftly propagated to the four corners of the planet. Kinda stinks, doesn't it?

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