Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

An eternal curse on mankind?

Hello, Gentiles everywhere and welcome to Phaedrus's new blog. I would just like to extend a particularly warm welcome to readers from Northern Europe, or readers of Northern European decent, wherever they may be, in our world-wide diaspora.

I was in two minds about blogging again. By the time October 2008 came around, I figured I had just about reached a final, fixed position on the causes of 90% the ills of this world and that there was really nothing more I could say. My position today remains as totally rock solid now as it did back then. However, I will restate it here now, for the benefit of new readers, or for anyone who didn't quite get the message last time around.

In essence, a way must be found to deal with the Jewish Problem. I personally don't know how to formulate a suitable mechanism for achieving this objective; I can only state what the objective is and that it is imperative that it be somehow brought about. Greater minds than mine will have to come up with an approach that will bring about this solution for an infinitely better and more peaceful world. What is the objective? It has to be a global one and It is quite simply expressed in these 3 Golden Rules I lay before you now:

1. There must be no place in public life for the Jew in any country around the world. The Jews must be removed from all positions of public influence. This means there must be no Jews in politics, no Jews in the media, none in the judiciary, none in lobbying groups, none in public corporations, none in genetic research, none in communications, none in advertising and none in banking and finance. This list is not intended to be exhaustive and it is expected that its scope will need to be extended in future as new and novel technologies and situations arise.

2. Jews must never be allowed to exercise influence in any of these areas through the use of Gentile proxies. Gentiles who have allowed themselves to become tools of the Jews will need to be dealt with severely as a warning to others that such liaisons are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any form.

3. A way must be found to ensure that this state of affairs is set in stone for all time. The mechanism must be 100% resistant to even the slightest compromise over time. We must be able to heave a giant, collective sigh of relief in the sure and certain knowledge that this age-old curse on mankind has been consigned to history for ever.

Note that in the construction of this protective mechanism, we must be able to look ahead and ask ourselves one key question: "is there a possibility that, in say 1,000 years from now, this measure we are considering could have become compromised with the result that the Jews are yet again evading containment and rising once more to positions of power and influence over us?" If, after due consideration, the answer should turn out to be "yes" or "maybe" then the measure duly fails. It must be discarded or modified until such time as a fresh or revised proposal arises which, when subjected to the same test, gives rise to the unequivocal answer: "no, not a chance; never."

If our forefathers had applied such test when formulating documents such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights, it my belief we would not be in the perilous position we yet again find ourselves today.

Why is it so vital for us to devote so much time and effort to the Jewish Problem? Well in essence, there is something unique in this particular race of entities that is totally poisonous to free and well-ordered societies - and always has been since the dawn of recorded history. I cannot ascribe any one particular contributory factor which might account for this. Maybe it's a heritable trait passed on genetically; maybe it's cultural - or perhaps Talmudic. Maybe it is a combination of all three. It would be interesting to know, but of academic value only. In fact such explorations should be heavily deprecated, since they can easily be exploited by the Jews to their own advantage. When in doubt, always refer to the foregoing Golden Rules, wherein the only real protection for ourselves, our children and our children's children's children can ever truly lie.

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